First I need to find a better name, something with the Persian word برق (Baruq) in it.  How about the Arabic البرق الشيشة (albarq alshayisha, “lightning hookah”)? Apparently Googer Translate can’t speak Persian aloud.


TL;DR: Because.

Have you ever seen a hookah set up at a park? Probably not, because coal-prep takes a lot of time and flame. Also, one of the last times I smoked with my friend Jimmy The Bean we talked about making one.

What it does

Provides a true hookah experience anywhere without the burning coals. Uses the same tobacco and everything. What it’s made of:

  • Induction coil
  • Power invertor
  • Ferrous (iron or steel) heating disc
  • High-current Lithium Polymer battery
  • Pushbutton(s)
  • Hookah body



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