Kasbo (the Forest Frog) needed an upgrade. Wires were everywhere, the flimsy facial structure was deteriorating and the pole suspension was heavy/fragile. We wanted him to make an appearance at Electric Forest 2022, and appear he did.

I designed a tubular skeleton out of Pex (HDPE) pipe bought from Home Depot. Pex is:

  • Ubiquitous
  • Cheap
  • Heat-formable
  • Available in different stiffnesses
  • Available in at least two sizes (3/8″ and 1/2″)

Junctions were designed to bind the Pex tubing in the right places and zip ties were used to fix the tubes in the junctions. We used a much nicer boat pole and made a junction for that to the skeleton.

I made a handy pole mount for the battery pack, and made wrist plates to replace the foam-core plates that were showing their age.

Even with his new skeleton, we needed to fill the free space inside Kasbo’s body so he didn’t look starved. Like last time, we used a few under-inflated beachballs to round him out. Worked like a champ.



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