After installing the LXQt Debian image from, then Pi-Hole, then Docker in order to run Home Assistant, I quickly ran out of space on the onboard 4GB eMMC.

Freeing eMMC Space

  1. Backed up the eMMC using this script <link>. Saved the SD card image in OSX using Disk Utility. Then compressed it into a zip file.
  2. Installed the Debian Stretch Console Snapshot image from <link>.
  3. Made a static IP by reserving a static DHCP assignment in my router configuration. I tried to assign a static IP for eth0 on the BBB <link> but it didn’t take, not sure why. Maybe I should do this? <link>
  4. Checking the drive free space using “df” <link>, I now have 2.9GB of space free, an enormous improvement from before.
  5. Debian kept complaining about locales, so i updated them <link>.
  6. Fought with /etc/init.d to get the LED disable script to run on startup; the symlink worked when named “” using a script named “”. Seems the naming convention must start greater than “S01” and the name after this must match the script name exactly.

Installing Pi Hole

  1. Had to install curl <sudo apt-get install curl>.
  2. Ran the online installer <link>.
  3. Updated Gravity, the Pi-Hole blocklist (it installs empty).
  4. Did all the things in my Pi-Hole on BBB post <link>.

Installing Docker ** Did not finish, installed Home Assistant on a spare RPi 3B+ and called it a day. **

  1. Installed Docker CE (Community Edition) <link> NOTE: for BBB you must use the repo under the “armhf” tab. Configured Docker to run on boot <link>.
  2. Cleared/formatted my 8GB SD card with FAT32 <link>. Added boot-time auto mount <link> <link2>. Changed the default path for Docker images to be on the SD card at /docker_configs by way of a new JSON daemon config file <link> <link2>.
  3. Fun fact, aufs requires an ext4 filesystem so I reformatted as ext4.
  4. TBD?

Disabling the USB mass-storage gadget


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