A multi-person, multi-color, completely absurd totem we created for Electric Forest 2019.

What it’s made of

What it does

  • Ribbits in randomly chosen pitches.
  • Disco-ball eyes project bright light in any arbitrary color on everything. Lenses can rotate on-demand.
  • Legs evenly light up with several flowing color patterns.
  • Keeps everyone in our 13-person festival group together, draws new friends into the fold.

Trials and tribulations

The folded, 4-pixel LED strips had to be inserted inside the arms by threading the output leads through holes in the arms by way of a makeshift knitting needle. Threading the wires like this provided a means to anchor the LED strips transverse to the flexible vinyl hose so the light was thrown down the hose. The effect was even better than I hoped!


It was absolutely hilarious watching this huge frog with disco-eyes and noodley arms waltz through Electric Forest. A hundred high-fives were given from orange feet at the end of 8-foot arms, and seeing the joy/laughter on people’s faces was more than worth the effort.

Future Ideas

  • Neck that inflates periodically as during mating season
  • A lilypad-shaped drone the frog could fly around on
  • A lilypad shaped backpack to more easily carry Mr. Frog
  • A delightfully weird array of eggs (capsules containing prizes) that can be ejected from the frog’s back as Forest gifts
  • Articulated mouth with inbuilt fog machine and laser projector that would draw a fly and tongue

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